Statewide Preparer Services offers a wide range of Legal Document Assistance including:

Family Legal Support
Whether beginning a marriage or ending one, we can provide the Legal Document support you need to get on with your life. We will worry about the details and allow you to focus on whatís important - your family.
Custodial Issues
Meant for the protection of individuals who may not have the ability to care for themselves Ė either physically or mentally Ė we offer the expertise required to guide you through these difficult issues.
Estate Planning
The time to plan for your future is now. Donít wait until itís too late - we can help with the experience gained from over 20 years in Estate Planning and execution.
Extended Families
Stepparent adoption is the most common form of adoption in the U.S. We can help with documentation related to procedures, legal obligations, and requirements
Business Needs
Whether starting a small business or a multi-national corporation, we have the experience to handle all of the Legal Documentation related to your Business needs.
Personal Needs
For all of your personal needs we at Statewide Preparer Services can help with the wealth of Legal Documentation required to help with your individual needs.
Settling Estates
With or without a will, Statewide Preparer Service will prepare the paperwork necessary to settle the decedent's estate.
Additional Services
In addition to the many services described above, we have the following available as well to you, our valued customers: